Good Recreational Parks are no doubt one of the best places for relaxation. Abuja which is a hub for serious Businesses also has some nice Recreational parks that leave you with that feeling of Aww! after a day’s relaxation.
Among those are:

MILLENIUM PARK:Located in Maitama in Abuja, Millenium park is yourbest bet for Relaxation! Its best known for love dates, familypicnics, Music videos and even pre-wedding photo shoots! If you stayout of Abuja and you are planning your wedding,you may want toconsider the Millenium Park for one of your pre-wedding photo shoot!
They also sell varieties of food items ranging from soft drinkstosuya and already spicy cooked delicacies. Make sure you check this park out especially if you are a visitor tothe Federal Capital territory.

MAITAMA AMUSEMENT PARK: Another guru in Recreation, the Maitama Amusement park are kids loving, it’s a fun place for kids, think of the best fun parks to take your kids to in Maitama, then think Maitama Amusement park! they have all fun jingles kids love, from swings, merry go round, Slides Bumper boats etc, the option a kid can play with depends on age and safety is quite important.

CITY PARK: This is another fun place to be when you want to relax after a hard day’s work. It is located at wuseII one of the busiest places in Abuja. City park Abuja is a mixture of everything fun you can think of. It has a football pitch, a Lawn tennis court, and very tasty grilled fish and also well prepared spicy pepper soup, their drinks are also very chilled and guess what! It’s pocket friendly too. Imagine chilling out at a park were you get to watch some people play football and tennis and you combine the excitement with a chilledNdrink and a good grilled fish to taste!

By Sophie Aigbomian


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