Benin City known for its rich cultural heritage is one place to seek
when thinking of a good tourist site in Nigeria, Benin City Is a great travel destination to go to this year. But not many know or visit its historical Landmark, breathtaking national Museum and more. When you think about Nigerian tourism Benin City should be on your list!

NATIONAL MUSEUM: Is one amazing places to visit in Benin City. You will get to see various bronze art works that will leave you baffled.

BENIN ANCIENT MOAT: You cannot talk about tourism in Benin without talking about the Moat also called the “IYA” it is the largest manmade earth work and one of the wonders of the world that you should see.

CHIEF OGIAMEN’S HOUSE: Also learn more about the city history and culture by visiting Chief Ogiamen’s house which is located at no 97,Sakponba road in Benin City. It is situated within the city malls and a moat.

By Sophie Aigbomian

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