Beautiful Reasons to Move to Abuja.

Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria has been regarded as the sleek smokescreen that has been aimlessly used to conceal the country’s lesions and forcefully unify the nation. We believe Abuja was created to bring unity in diversity. In Abuja you will find diverse ethnic compositions, languages, arts and cultures.
Abuja has everything to offer everyone – stunning attractions, modern high-rise buildings, impressive gardens, luxury hotels and unique restaurants, designer boutiques, exclusive shops and stores, cinemas, exciting things to do and of course, a vibrant nightlife.
If you are considering moving to Abuja and you need just one last nudge before you make your final decision, then you should probably check out these  beautiful reasons why you should move to Abuja. So get packing!
Cost of living is affordable.
People ask, “Can I live in Abuja when I don’t have a lot of money?” Well, living in Abuja has nothing to do with money. Lifestyle options are very diverse here. Real estate is very expensive in some areas in Abuja, you will be stunned to know that your one-bedroom flat money can get you a stunning duplex in other parts of Nigeria. However, you can find a beautiful place to stay at very affordable prices in Abuja. Similarly, Foodstuff in Abuja is much cheaper especially if you get them in the local markets. Getting round the city – transportation – is also very affordable. You can get a cab to take you to a place for as low as N200, a distance where a Lagos cab driver will charge you N2000 for. If you can get most of your daily needs for less, you will be able to focus your time on the most important things in life.
This is one of the reasons to move to Abuja and one of the things that make the capital city an amazing place to live. You get the opportunity to mingle with amazing people from different parts of Nigeria, providing your life with a plentiful stitch of profound experience and exploration. Ever since I moved here, I have met people from a range of ethnic group and cultures – I learnt that not everyone from the Northern part of Nigeria are Hausas. I have met people from different political background and religion.
Enjoyable weather.
 Abuja has an enjoyable weather, even if it’s rainy or sunny. It’s hard to convey just how excellent the weather is in this city, but what I can say is that if you love sunny days, you should move here.
Abuja makes you tough.
If you are looking where you can be inspired and get challenged at every corner, you should move to Abuja. Scoring a job in Abuja is not an easy task, making a life for yourself in the city can be wonderful, fuzzy or dreadful. Yeah, the struggle is real! It is now up to you to know the one to go for. If you don’t work hard here, you will think the city hates you. However, if you can work harder, be consistent with your career goals, look for business opportunities and network your way to the top, you will soon be driving the one of my favourite cars – Lamborghini  Gallardo.
Outstanding outdoor activities.
If you love indulging in outdoor activities and you have not moved to Abuja, you are missing a lot. For outdoor adventures, enjoy spectacular scenery, picnic for two in a diverse natural environment – beautiful and serene parks and gardens such as Millennium Garden, go mountain climbing, indulge in lakeside adventures and many more. With fantastic weather and plenty of outdoor adventures, Abuja is an amazing place for leisure enthusiasts.
Stunning attractions.
Abuja is a luxurious city with stunning attractions. If you can’t afford all the luxuries it offers, you will still be able to enjoy some aspects of them. You will find exciting places to visit, high-end shopping malls, cinemas and film houses, unique restaurants and luxury hotels, breathtaking gardens, museums and conference centres, arts and culture and many more. Abuja is well-appointed for people from all walks of life to enjoy.
Abuja could be a wonderful place to move to, you can do quite well here while enjoying everything the city has to offer.
by Maijiddah Basheer

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