To be best friends requires deep level of trust; you should know each other thoroughly.  You can talk about anything and support each other through thick and thin.  You have each other’s backs always; you can joke and have fun together.

You don’t keep secrets from each other; In fact, you share secrets with each other. Most of all, your best friend is the person you want to be with the most, when something good happens, he/she’s the person you tell first and when something bad happens he/she is the person you turn to first for help or comfort.

This is the kind of relationship a husband and wife should have.  As with romantic love, friendship love needs to be nurtured throughout a marriage.  This can be done by maintaining common interests and taking time to enjoy those interests.  For example, if you and your wife enjoy exercise, you might go walking together regularly; you can read and discuss books or current events together. It’s all about spending time together and enjoying each other’s company.

Being a best friend also means taking risks to share what is in your heart with each other, knowing you will be unconditionally loved and accepted.  There is never the fear of rejection or abandonment between best friends, you feel totally safe with each other. As you consistently work on nurturing your romantic friendship love, you will naturally move into spousal love.



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