1 ; A GIRL DIRECTING HER NEW BOYFRIEND TO HER APARTMENT: GIRL: Come straight down the main road and stop at the flats on your left side....

Jokes of the day

The English Exam I was a candidate at a JAMB Examination. We were writing Use of English. I shaded the ones I knew and was...


Three Thieves. Three criminals are in the court for getting their punishment. The judge says: I will give it corresponding to the number of things...

Laugh Out Loud With These Jokes

Who killed Abel? I went to the police station to certify my document. On arrival, I met one of the policemen reading the bible, specifically...

Facebook Lie (Jokes)

Albino met a girl on Facebook, and they both decided to introduce themselves to each other. Albino: What is your name? Girl: Lovett          Albino: Where...

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