Ten Greatest Landmarks on the African Continent

For the visitor to the great and wondrous continent of Africa, there exists a great variety of natural and man-made landmarks that highlight the...

Some wiered ancient customs that have survived into the 21st century

When you tour round the globe you’ll be shocked at some of the things that people do in the name of culture and tradition....

Easy steps for planning your next trip

Planning a long trip can be a daunting task. Where do you begin? What’s step one? What’s step two? What’s step three? It’s easy...

The best destination 2012 by travellers choice award

Dubai is the second largest emirate comprising the United Arab Emirates. The UAE consist of seven emirates with the capital Abudhabi. The other emirates are...

The 10 Most Hospitable Cities in Africa

Africans practice all forms of hospitality by going the extra mile to make their guests feel welcome or feel at home. There are many...

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