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    Why Yoga is important during Pregnancy

    Every expectant mother wants to nurture and offer the best care for her child even inside the womb. Staying active during pregnancy will help...

    Ways to Kill Your Child’s Confidence

    Kids love to be told that they are good and that they did something right. Whenever you shout at them for making a mistake,...

    Some Unknown Dangers of Allowing Your Child to Use Mobile Gadgets

    Before the evolution of the electronics or mobile gadgets, children were used to engaging themselves in a lot of activities that would add value...

    5 Things You Really Need To Stop Doing For Your Kids

    Your kids are your lifeblood, and you will do anything for them just to make them happy. You will even decide to go out...

    How to boost your milk supply

    A nursing mother's biggest worry is whether or not she is making enough milk; this perception of insufficient breast milk production is the most...

    Products to avoid while pregnant

    As much as some products serve good purposes, there are some that you have to avoid during pregnancy. Such products to be avoided are...

    Fruits that can cause death in children when eaten together

    Fruits contain digestive enzymes, which clean out the residue left from the previously eaten food. Within an hour, the fruits travel through the digestive...

    What is Dry Drowning?

    Dry drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death for children of ages one to fourteen years. It is a situation whereby water...

    The Teenage Flu

    Teens face real problems in their everyday lives. During this time, they are exposed to overwhelming struggles. I guess I can say I made...

    Foods That Improve Breast Milk Supply

    Breast milk is highly nutritious for babies, with an optimal balance of fat, sugar, water and protein. All these nutrients are essential for a...

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