Our celebrity of the week is the young and beautiful Kannywood actress, Maryam Yahaya.

Maryam Yahaya was born May 1997, in Goron Dutse in Kano state. She did her primary school in Yelwa, and moved to Bokabo Barracks, where she obtained a High school certificate.

Maryam’s ambition for acting started right from childhood. Her first film was Gidan Abinci, followed by Barauniya, and Tabo.

Maryam played a minor role in all three aforementioned  movies.

The 20 year old actress’ role in ‘Mansoor’ by FKD Productions was a game changer for her.

Maryam is among the beautiful faces seen on screen in Kannywood with over 12,000 followers on Instagram.

Maryam Yahaya is from a family that never puts anything above their family and tradition, especially the religious side of it. When she told her parents about her decision to venture into acting, they initially kicked against it because they believed that path would lead her into immorality.

As a result, she wasn’t able to convince them to let her try a career in acting. She was however able to start a career in Kannywood independently after getting the blessings of her parents.


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