Let’s talk about that one fruit that many regard as the fruit of life, Apples! Yes Apples.This is that one fruit that has great health benefits but, I will be specific on green apples and pregnancy one of such ways green apples can help during pregnancy is to

IMPROVE DIGESTION: Trust me you can expect a lot of digestive challenges during pregnancy, such as Constipation and irritable bowel movements syndrome. Since apples contain a whole lot of fiber, it can help keep the digestive system in check.

IMPROVE APPETITE: You would agree that good appetite is necessary for pregnancy,this is what green apples are known for. If your appetite has gone for a toss which is pretty normal in pregnancy, the sour taste of green apples is very necessary to help restore that

KEEPS THE LIVER HEALTHY: Too much bile secretion from your liver can cause severe complications while you are pregnant, including preterm birth. Green apples are known to be good for liver health and can prevent such issues.

HELPS IMPROVE BODY PAINS:Pregnancy comes with body aches and pains.Your growing uterus puts a lot of pressure on your body.Consumption of green apple during
pregnancy can provide relief from an achy body and makes it a little easier.
Am sure you are tempted to rush out and buy a basket of green apples right now!

By Sophie Aigbomian.

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