In this festive period, do you care for acne-free, wholly lucid, silky smooth and healthy looking skin, despite the unkind weather.
How healthy one’s skin is, is the first step towards an excellent supple body. But how you maintain your skin will determine how healthy it can go all year round, especially in this unpleasant weather period.

It is very necessary that you take special care of your skin in order for it to look radiant and beautiful. So, you need to take extra measures to protect your skin against harsh weather because the dry and harmattan season brings about other problems for the skin.
To keep your skin healthy and protect it against the harsh weather, you must make sure it is supple and full of moisture to avoid cracking and dryness. Drink plenty of water as this will hydrate the skin

1.Velvety cleanser
Mix equal amounts of jojoba oil and coconut oil and then double the mixture with water. Shake
thoroughly before use. The cleanser will emulsify the dirt without stripping your face’s oils.

Egg yolk and honey mask
Mix one tablespoon of almond oil, one tablespoon yogurt and one egg yolk and apply on the face.

Banana facial mask for dry skin
Crush a quarter of a ripe banana and mix with half a cup of natural yogurt and one tablespoon of honey. Apply the mixture on the face and neck and leave for 20 minutes. Then wash with water.

Simply mix finely ground oats and almonds or almond oil with enough extra virgin olive oil for the mixture to fuse without crumbling.
Rich toner
Simply add honey to tomato juice until it becomes sticky and then apply this to your face and neck for between 25 to 30 minutes. The result will be a cleaner complexion with improved skin tone.

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