The only phenomenon that Remains permanent in human life is Death, for each and every surviving soul shall reach his time. It is Death that separates parents from their children, Wife from Husband, lover from his love, and human life from human world.  Most moments it comes, it’s with no notice, it care not the level, significant and consequentiality of the relating persons…….. In putting down my tribute to Late ABDULQADIR And my condolence to his wife MARYAM begin in prayers thus:

May almighty Allah give you the strength to Bear this loss Maryam. May HE grant him eternal rest.  When I look at you there is nothing I can say or do to take away your pain. We have lost both parents and now your husband, your soulmate, your one and only true love and your best friend. What can I do or  say to comfort you? But pray and ask Allah to reward your patience, love kindness and care you have shown him tremendously. You have been there for him in sickness and in health Without you ever complaining. You donated 60% of your liver to him. You both will forever be part of each other physically even in death. He died with a part of you, and you have a huge scar that will never go away. What a sacrifice. If the tables were turned Abdulqadir will donate 90% of his liver even if it’s a life and death Situation. He will choose  your life over his. You both shared unconditional love with passion for each other, but he loved you more; he fought diabetes, high blood pressure, and liver damage for you and by the will and grace of Allah, he survived few
more years.  When he was going in and out of coma, he told Everyone that he is only fighting to stay alive because of you Maryam. He kept saying ‘Maryam is the only reason I want to live’. I know how much you love him, but surely Allah loves him the most.
You did everything within your power to get his health back; just a year and a half after your marriage, on your 25th birthday, the 4th April 2017 you both underwent a 14hours surgery to donate to him your liver.

You celebrated your second-year wedding anniversary on May 9th 2017 at the hospital recovering from the liver transplant. By Allah’s will he survived TWO MORE YEARS with your liver. You prayed together, he works at home, you eat together, you are always together, he cooks for you, he sometimes clean the house when you were looking for a house help, because he wants you to rest. He especially handmade diabetic sandwiches and food whenever your father is kaduna and delivered it himself. Because he wants Maryam to have her Beauty rest.

He encouraged you to follow your dreams. He surprised her with 4 electric tailoring machines, and a generator. He made your dreams a reality MLK COUTURE.

He has never forgotten your birthday or your wedding anniversary, he celebrates your birthday and anniversaries and showered you with gift even when he was sick.
When our father died on January 2nd, 2018, he took care of us and stood by us like the son our Mother never had. SURELY EVERY SOUL WILL TASTE DEATH

On February 12th, 2019 in Egypt Cairo Dar al Fouad hospital Abdulqadir passed away. And I quote doctors words, “he died peacefully” ALLAHU AKBAR!. On his death bed he prayed loudly for you Maryam ALHAMDULILLAH!! and showered prayer with blessings on you. His family keep thanking you for donating your liver and standing by him till the
last moment. We also thank them because I know he would do the same or far more for
you if the tables were turned.

May Allah grant him eternal rest.
May Allah repay you tremendously Maryam. May he  bring joy, happiness and laughter and give you more strength to move on.
Maryam May Allah reunite you and Abdulqadir in jannatul-firdaus.. AMEN AMEN



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