Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria features modern lifestyles and unique cuisines, which include fascinating themed oriented bars and restaurants. It may interest you to know that the city has become one of the best dining destinations in Africa. This can be seen in its
nice Chinese Restaurants that caters for both foreigners and residents in Abuja.

Chinese influence is great in Abuja with top Chinese restaurants all over the place. From traditional Chinese meals to the western ones served in a Chinese conceptual dinning setting; this captivating city has become a place to have that sumptuous Asian meal.
Find out some of the exciting Chinese Restaurant to visit whenever you are in Abuja.

1. Woks and Koi
The strong flavours of the Chinese dishes at Woks and Koi keeps your taste buds  salivating till your meal arrives. Woks and Koi has the exemplary lighting, astute furnishing and an excellent Feng Shui that leaves you with a great dining atmosphere. It is one of the leading Chinese restaurants in Abuja and the bill is worth patronizing.

2.Marcopol Oriental Restaurant
Every meal that is served at Marcopolo Oriental Restaurant has been specially prepared with the best Chinese spices and flavours. This eatery delivers a contemporary and trendy style with hypnoticambience. The incredible aromas of the dishes would fill you in and
give you that urge to experiment with different Asian cuisines.  The service is excellent, and the area is spacious to make room for groups.So you can go with your friends as a group.

3. Chopsticks
It is said that ‘Your Body Is A Temple, Treat It with Respect’ and this can be done when you dine at  this Chinese eatery. You can slurp a delicious bowl of noodles that is sprinkled densely with associated vegetables. This Sumptuous Chinese packed Restaurant offers a huge selection of the Southeast Asian dishes. You can have a swell time eating your noodles with the chop sticks. Thats why its has the name Chopsticks!

4. Papillon Restaurant
Has  become one of the most enjoyable destinations to sample Chinese
signature meals. Grab a table and get served in Papillion’s Chinese theme eatery inside Abuja. This place attracts a lot of foreigners and also the locals. The tastefully furnished and peaceful atmosphere allows you experience the best moment of your life.

By Sophie Aigbomian.


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