We all know most people love entangling themselves with other people’s private conversations, lives and problems Its often tempting to get involved, most times. However, interrupting or entangling yourself with personal dramas that don’t directly affect you can be both unhelpful to the parties concerned and damaging to your own mental health. You will be happier and earn more respect from your peers if you learn when and how to mind your own business. Minding your own business doesn’t mean evading responsibility or ignoring the world around you. It simply means knowing when it’s best to avoid interfering in other peoples affairs in your everyday lives.
1. The first step to do this is to recognize if an issue directly concerns you, don’t interfere if you’re not an immediate participant.
2. Respect boundaries know that everyone has a right to privacy and each person oversees their own lives
3 Access the risk involved in a situation before interfering, a child with a bad habit could be cautioned if its detrimental to the child’s health and well-being that’s just been responsible especially if no one else does.
4. Don’t butt in, most especially if there is an event, meeting or party that you have not been invited, the best thing to do is to simply walk away.
5. Don’t offer unsolicited advice. It’s tempting to weigh in when you see something that doesn’t merge with your own daily practices or lifestyle choices. However, doing so implies that you know better. People are not likely to take kindly to your intervention unless they’re explicitly seeking it.


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