Dress involves total or partial covering of the body by supplementing
it with apparel and accessories such as head wraps and jewelery.
Nigerian traditional men cloths were more common with older people and
seen as old fashioned because the styles were nothing close to the
classy styles we have today. The styles these days, are made to look
attractive and classy – Agbada style, senator wears Ankara, laces etc.

The most suitable dress for African men is Agbada or senator wears.
Agbada is a large, overflowing native gown that reaches well below the
knees and sometimes reaches the ankles Usually sewn with a matching
full length trouser, the Agbada style can be sewn just with any
material one finds.

While Senator is a native attire that was popularized by Senator Anyim
Pius Anyim – a former Senator of the upper legislative house and its
President when he was a member of that house. This native style is
made from suit material and has the shirt extending up to the knees
with either long or short sleeves. This native style is plain, simple,
powerful and importantly it’s also won by men all over Nigeria.

Wearing classic stylish clothes can be due to getting a good tailor or
designer. Because the price and beauty of the fabric does not really
matter compared to getting it sewn by a good tailor.
When choosing a fabric, one must consider his skin color to ensure he
chose a fabric that will complement his complexion. Accessorizing properly also helps like cap, cufflinks, and shoes.


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