One of the things the Federal Capital Territory boosts of is a well-organized GSM Village which is widely known by most resident of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).
Technology has become the salt of the 21st century world where smartphones, laptops, tablets and other internet-enabled devices have continued to flood the Nigerian market.   Residents of Abuja and environment visit the market on a daily basis, either on referral or
otherwise, to get solution to whatever problem they might have with their devices.  Some of the products which were imported from developed countries are perceived to be low in standard, and that could account for its operational faults and poor durability.
The GSM Village which is located at Wuse in the heart of Abuja is always bubbling with activities. The market is not just for phones alone, but also for laptops, tablets and other electronic devices. It has also justified its status as the melting pot for electronic devices in Abuja, Shop owners and repairers have displayed high sense of creativity and ingenuity.  Some persons in the market have the
capacity to turn around old and abandoned devices. It is also in the market that a customer could buy, sell, swap or repair phones, laptop or other devices irrespective of brand and model.
Well like the saying goes not all that glitters is gold, one could hardly get duped by errand boys that could package themselves well and pretend to be the real shop owners They could easily waylay suspected first time visitors from the entrance gate and claim to be the owner of a shop, only to dupe the customer afterwards.
However, the market leaders always advised customers to beware of suchcriminals pretending to own shops even when they are errand boys.Image result for gsm village abujaBY AJAYI OLUWASEUN.C


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