Abuja the Nigerian Capital city is known for its beautiful scenery and fantastic nightlife. But the most important asset to the average Abuja resident is the Mobile Phone. The easiest place to find a mobile phone for Abuja residents is the GSM Village.

The importance of mobile phones cannot be over emphasized because it is something we use every day via calls, text, chat, credit and debit transactions, just name etc. This makes it mandatory to have a suitable location for the buying and selling of mobile phones and gadgets. One of such places is GSM Village, Located at Wuse zone 1.
Abuja. Most Abuja residents patronize this alluring phone hub which boasts of tones of all sorts of phones and phone accessories. There are also computer engineers and software handlers who work tirelessly to attend to numerous Abuja residents when they bring in their faulty phones or gadgets for repairs. All sorts of phones are repaired and put in good working conditions as a result of the technical knowledge and abilities of these young people who are determined to get a breakthrough through the work of their hands.

Another advantage of the GSM village is the possibility of phone swap deals called Kakara, the deal is an exchange of phones that gives the user new handsets of their choice in exchange for the old ones at little cost. This deal is very popular at the Market, because everyone wants to get a better version of handsets and not every day; so the money to pay for it Kankara offers the opportunity to get one’s choice phone at an affordable rate. So in your next visit to the nation’s capital and you want to get an affordable phone or probably swap your used phone; think GSM village.



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