The Lekki Conservation Centre, Lagos is one of the best nature reserves in Nigeria. To get a best of fresh air and to escape from the forever busy city of Lagos The Lekki conservation center is the right place for you. The Conservation center is managed by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation covering an area of 78 hectares, is generally regarded as an icon of nature aiming at the preservation of unique biodiversity, scenic, natural, scientific recreational values of the coastal environs of western Nigeria if you love Mother Nature and adventure, Lekki Conservation Centre is the place for you.

Since its establishment in 1990 by the Nigeria Conservation foundation, the Lekki Conservation Centre has emerged to become one of Africa’s most conspicuous modern nature parks, known for its diversity. Always optimize the dry season the dry Season is always the best to time to visit Lekki Conservation Centre if you want to derive maximum fun. Thus, the period between November and March is the best time to visit this relaxation center, as the dry season falls within this period. In the event that you visit the Lekki Conservation Centre during the rainy season, be prepared to get your feet wet because of the mini moody walkways. As such, it would be ideal and safer if you wear comfortable footwear like sandals or trainers, not slippers or heels, especially if you want to get on the canopy.


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