Everybody want to have a smooth and spotless skin, while we all admire those with perfect skin. Having a perfect skin is something we can all do, even without going to a beautician.

Here are tips on how to have and maintain a spotless skin. Just like that of those you admire.

1.       Eat healthy: a healthy diet help a lot when it comes to maintaining a perfect skin. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables whole grains and protein and always drink a lot of water, because water keeps your skin hydrated.

2.       Be gentle on your skin: daily shaving and cleansing can cause a lot of problem to your skin, in other to keep it gentle on your skin, you should limit your bathing time and also use warm water to bath not hot water and avoid soaps that are too strong. Instead choose a mild soap, shave carefully to protect your skin use shaving cream. Add lotion before shaving, dry your skin very well with a clean towel after bathing so that some moisture still remains on your skin, if your skin is dry use moisturizer that fit your skin.



3.       Manage stress: stress can cause a lot of problem to your skin, most especially stress that are uncontrolled. To have a healthy skin and healthy state of mind. Get enough sleep.

4.       Stop smoking: smoking makes you look older gives you wrinkles and layers of skin. It also stops the skin from getting oxygen and nutrients which are important to skin health.

If you want a perfect skin and you smoke, the best way to get that smooth skin is to quit smoking.


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