ATTACK ON POLICE:Drastic measures had been taken by the FCTA Administration


Few months after some miscreants assaulted and broke a Police Officer’s head,  injuring other task force members of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), a reinforced team on Wednesday stormed the community, demolishing several illegal structures.

Durumi Community had been one area where attempts by the Taskforce team to enforce sanitation and other Urban and Regional Planning laws, have always been strongly resisted by miscreants.

The FCTA’s decision to revisit the community , was to clear all shanties and places where criminal elements take refuge.

The notorious illegal market, popularly known as ” Kasuwa ndere”, located in Asokoro District was also demolished for allegedly harbouring criminal elements that threaten the peace of residents within the neighbourhood.

Senior Special Assistant on Monitoring, Inspection and Enforcement to FCT Minister, Ikharo Attah who stated that the operations  were part of the ongoing fight against insecurity in the city.

He noted that while Durumi Community was over due for thorough sanitation, the Asokoro illegal market was too notorious to be left in a highbrow district.

According to Attah, the FCT Administration remains committed to its resolve to spare houses belonging to indigenous people, those who defiantly patronize illegal lands will be made to pay heavily for such negligence.

“According to Attah,some shanties and illegal structures around Durumi 3 to free the area of criminal activities.

” The Chiefs have made some appeal that they will work with us to remove the illegal structures, and we are considering that .

” We want to have a clean FCT. We trust the Chiefs to abide by what we have agreed on. We will continue to engage them and other Area Council Officials .

” He also said that the FCT Administration will as much as possible avoid touching houses belonging to the indigenous people because they have the right to be compensated and resettled.

” In Asokoro there are a lots of complaints that criminal elements gather and attack not only VIPs, but other Nigerians and even the indigenous people are being robbed from the kasuwa ndere.


Fatima Abubakar.