Healthy Cooking


Cooking is something done on a regular basis, it is a routine done in the home, restaurants, and other places where people go to eat. As much as cooking is important it is also necessary that people who cook regularly ensure they cook for the benefit of good health as well as those who consume. Whether you cook for your family, or for the public, do everything possible to cook healthy as healthy cooking is good cooking. Think health, think wealth, cook healthy and eat healthy. Always remember that healthy eating is smart eating.
Here are some simple tricks on how to cook healthy;
Use smart fats
Not all fat is bad for you as you might have heard. Unsaturated fats such as olive oil are better for you than saturated fats like butter. Nevertheless, use them in moderation
because they are all fats are high in calories.
Ditch refined grains
Pick completely unrefined grains over refined ones, such as brown rice and quinoa, which have lots more fiber, Vitamin B, zinc and other essential nutrients. The unrefined grains have more nutrients and are a lot healthier. They can also be more expensive than the refined ones. However, it is better to go for nutrient rather than quantity.
Cut down on the meat
we are a meat-loving nation, but just a little less in your pan will do you a lot of
good. Although meat is a source of protein, it also contains saturated fats.
Instead, opt for lean meat, poultry and fish, and complement with whole grains
and lots of vegetables.
Watch out for salt
Even if you do not have high blood pressure, it’s still important to watch your sodium intake. The recommended amount of salt for an adult is about 1 teaspoon a day or a bit less, if you are a super savvy healthy cooker!


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