The Lies You Tell Yourself That Keep You from Being Successful


Many people have formed the habit of blaming others for their failures. It’s always the society’s fault, the government’s fault or someone else’s. But in reality, the only person preventing you from being successful is you. Sure, some people’s start-off in life are a lot easier than others, but every single person, irrespective of who or what you are has the capacity to become successful. In a subconscious attempt to protect yourself from risk and potential failure, you may be talking yourself out of discovering and achieving your full potential. It’s sad to see many people not achieving their goals because of the lies they tell themselves. Timothy Sykes – entrepreneur, stock expert and VIP contributor at, says “If you can still breathe, you can still succeed. It might take you a little longer than others, but the only thing blocking you from success is you”. And I couldn’t agree with him more. Here are some of the biggest lies people tell themselves that keep them from success, according to Timothy Sykes:

I need a university degree to be successful

You may need a university degree to get a conventional 9am – 5pm job, but you do not need it to be an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, you’re your own boss. There are countless successful entrepreneurs who have been very successful without a university degree; example is the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. What you need is to know where your talent lies and develop it.

I’m too old

“You still have a working mind and you still have time. Until you’re in the ground you still have time to be successful”, says Timothy Sykes, and I completely agree. You are never too old to learn. Do not give up on your dreams just because you’re not in your early 20s anymore.

I don’t have enough time

Yes, you do. If you have time to think about how much time you do not have, then you have more than enough time to study what you love and to build up your business. You might have less time than the next person, but there is no competition. Even if you only make a small amount of progress every day, you know you’re going to get there in the end. Be ruthless with yourself.

I need money to make money

A lot of people mistakenly believe that you have to start out with a hefty sum of money to be able to become a millionaire. Of course, it helps to start with money, but it isn’t absolutely necessary. It will only take you a little longer to build up to a bigger bank balance.

It’s too hard to get started

There is a saying that the hardest part of starting any journey is taking the first steps out of your front door. Starting may prove very tough, but it is up to you to show some initiative and tough it out. Whatever business you want to venture in, you can always find mentors who can teach you wonderful things about how to succeed in your chosen field. In the end, you’ll see there was no reason to worry in the first place.

Stop talking yourself out of your success and take the first step today.


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By Akaomachi B