Fainting Feat at Mr. Biggs

A Nigerian man fainted outside Mr. Biggs (eatery). Soon, a crowd gathered around him and someone suggested, give him some water, it will help. Hearing this, the man opened one eye and said, “Get away if I wanted to drink water, I would have gone to water facility…”

Carrying Your Burden

A husband comes home from church, greets his wife, lifts her up and carries her around the house. The wife is so surprised and excited! She asks with smiles, “did the pastor preach on being romantic?” Out of breath the husband replies, “No, he said we must carry our burdens….”

Outwitting the Devil

An American, an English man, and a Nigerian were on a ship. Suddenly the devil appeared and said, “Drop anything in the sea; if I find it I will eat you. If I don’t, I will be your slave”. The American dropped a pin; the devil found it and ate him. The English man dropped a coin; the devil found it and ate him too. The Nigerian opened a bottle of water, poured it into the sea and said, “Today be today, go find am…”

A Dumb Answer for a Dumb Question

Musa was at the cinema waiting to buy ticket so he could see a movie. While he was there, his friend Ahmed who is known for asking foolish questions came in, apparently to see a movie also. Ahmed sighted Musa on the queue waiting for his turn. He walked up to him and asked, “What are you doing here?” And Musa replied, “I am here to pay my school fees….”



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