5 Must have Breastfeeding essentials



Motherhood is a joyful thing. However, it can come with some nagging experiences. Nursing mothers can testify to the fact that it can get very exhausting during the entire period of breastfeeding their babies. Technology has however made life simpler and easier for us all, including our dear nursing mothers. There are items that can help you navigate this entire period without much hassle. So whether you are expecting, planning to be a mum soon or you are already one, you should get these breastfeeding essentials, and breastfeeding process just got easier.


For working and busy mothers who still want their babies not missing the nutrition that comes with breastfeeding, here is your all-time solution. Whether you are getting ready to go to work or you just want to get some rest, using a breast pump means that your baby can benefit from your milk even when you are not available. There are several types of breast pump to choose from. Selecting just the right one will help you keep your milk flowing and prevent clogged ducts or an infection. Whichever pump you pick, it is a good idea to have it ready to go well before you return to work or leave your baby with a sitter. It is best to start pumping and introduce a bottle as soon as breastfeeding is established, when your baby is 3 or 4 weeks old. Many babies will refuse a bottle if it is introduced later on. To keep your baby willing to take the bottle, offer it with an ounce or two of breast milk inside at least every three or four days.


Breast pads are necessary for every nursing mother! Breast pads help to absorb milk that may leak between and during feedings. You wear them inside your bra to keep the bra dry and milk away from your clothing. Most mothers do not have problems with leaking after the first few weeks, so you probably will not need breast pads for long, but they are very useful at first. You can buy pads that are disposable or cloth ones that you wash and use again. Look for pads that allow air to circulate to your nipples. While it might seem that plastic-lined pads would protect your clothes better, they retain moisture, contributing to sore nipples and bacterial growth. Alternatively, you can use folded cotton handkerchiefs tucked inside your bra, or you can make your own pads by cutting four-inch circles from cloth diapers. It is important that you change breast pad immediately after they get wet. If the pad dries and sticks to your nipple, moisten it first with warm water so that you do not remove any skin as you pull it away from the breast. It can be awkward to get breast milk patches all over your top. No one likes to see this special part of your life, so keep it secret and safe.


Breastfeeding pillow is a pillow specially designed for breast- feeding mothers. Breast-feeding pillows come in variety of styles and designs and are made to help support your baby in the proper position for breast-feeding. Nursing pillows can be wonderful for mother and baby, it is supportive and can help both mother and child relax and enjoy their time together. You and your child need all the comfort you both can get. A nursing pillow is not a luxury; it is an absolute necessity for mothers who care about the comfort of their babies. It is interesting to know also that they come in several beautiful colours and are very soft for maximum convenience. Learn how to use a breast-feeding pillow to ensure your baby is in the proper position and ease strain on your spine.


This is a must-have because you want to be extremely careful with items you use in feeding your baby. Sterilizing all feeding items must be regular. You do not want your baby being infected from unhygienic use of feeding items. Babies are most vulnerable to diseases and illnesses during the first year of life. If bottles are not sterilized then you risk having bacteria build up and potentially causing your baby to become ill.


Breast wipes are multipurpose; they can be used for several purposes and are convenient to carry. They are very soft and have a calming effect. Nursing mothers should do well by having breast wipes with them at all times, knowing that breastfeeding can be done at anytime and anywhere. Most women can get sore from constant breastfeeding. Breast wipes can help for wiping after feeding as well as give a calming effect to an already sore breast. Breast wipes help you feel as clean and fresh as possible during and after breastfeeding. Wipes can also be used to clean each of the pieces of breast pump, especially when you are in a place without accessible sink to wish them.

Every nursing mother should endeavour to have the above essential breastfeeding tools to enable your child enjoy the process and at the same time remain healthy.

In our next edition, we shall be looking at ways we can take care of breastfeeding tools.




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