Hey lovelies, it’s a beautiful Monday and guess what? Today we will be setting our crush spotlight on a young, good looking entrepreneur. He is one of my entrepreneurial inspirations; and he is no other person than Aliyu Abubakar Tafida.

Aliyu Abubakar Tafida is a 24years old CEO of a food processing and Supply Company called Quickshake. He has a Bsc in Inforamation Technology and Msc in Management and International Business and Finance. Aliyu a native of Gombe State has over four Quickshake operational outlets and counting. Aliyu started business at the age of 19 and is now considered a big time businessman. An IT person, Aliyu is working on having a Tech company where there is quickshake, quick tech and quick real estate (You can say small man with huge dreams) ….. Such an inspiring young man who even though is from a privileged home; but ceases to see those privileges which according to him are a short term deal. So; to the youths out there, be informed that you start growing when you start planning.

By Maimuna Bagudu


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