Entrepreneurs takes major financial risks, work long hours and practically torture themselves trying to stay afloat and build a business from the ground up. If you think about it, it’s a downright harrowing ordeal. Why would anybody want to go through with it? It’s because, despite the hardships of the experience, there are nuggets of joy and satisfaction that can be derived from it and, at the end of the tunnel, if you’re committed enough, it’s gives ”SUBSTANTIAL REWARD” Those nuggets and rewards are different for everybody,but if you analyse it carefully.HERE are five main motivations that drive most entrepreneurs;

1. MONEY: You can deny it all you want, but the vast most entrepreneurs get into the game at least partially because of the potential to make lots of money. This isn’t exactly true, but any dedicated entrepreneur with a good idea and great timing can make a lot more money than they ever could in a traditional office/work position. There’s nothing wrong with pursuing money, but if the allure of wealth is the only thing driving you, you risk becoming frustrated if you don’t make profit in the first few years.

2. CONTROL: The desire for control drives many entrepreneurs who aspire to attain a leadership position. When you’re the boss of your own organisation you’ll get to call all the shots, from who gets hired and at what salary to what new strategic directions your business goes to.

3. FLEXIBILITY:  Some entrepreneurs venture out 

on their own because they’re tired of the demands of traditional work. In a high-level position, the demands are exceptional, working long hours, catering to the whims of your bosses and clients, and being stuck in the same old rut of responsibilities. Being your own boss in the world of entrepreneurship frees you from those restraints.

4. LEGACY: Some entrepreneurs aren’t in it for the money or the experience as much as they’re in it for a lasting legacy. They might want to become the face of a brand and earn a taste of fame along the way, they might want to leave behind something that appreciates them and they might even want to pass the business on to the future generation. So they want to create something meaningful that’s going to outlast them. This motivation is one of the strongest for entrepreneurs.

5. TEAM WORK: you’ll get to pick the skill sets, talents and personalities you want to work with, and you’ll never have to worry about working on a team that you don’t like or can’t be productive with. In some ways, your company’s team will be like your family, Just remember that no family lives without occasional disagreements.