There are so many ways to venture out into becoming an entrepreneur. I think the reason people have so many issues with this is because being an “entrepreneur” can encompass a broad category of spheres.

A school certificate doesn’t matter as much even though it may help you in developing your product/business. But the truth is; there are
many successful entrepreneurs who never graduated from college.

Entrepreneurship is more of a skill and way of life. College does help though (because it allows you to connect with other like-minded individuals). Take one of your ideas, draw up a business plan (basically where you think you want your business to go), and then dive into developing it.

Most people are scared to even start. If nothing else, you must START (this is the only way to learn). I would recommend starting slow, possibly with your own funds. If you aren’t business savvy already, and don’t know the ropes of the venture approach, then I would hold off on trying to go that route (unless you are developing the next GOOGLE).

First things first, which are:

1) Come up a business plan it doesn’t have to be elaborate…just something simple to see where you want your business to go). This will help you to understand if it is something that may actually work or not.

2) Start looking into developing your product/business.

3) Develop a plan for driving traffic (social media, local word-of-mouth, etc) to create awareness for your business/product which will translate to sales.

4) Keep honing your skills to stay on top of your industry. Learn everything that you can.

5) Know that you will fail at some time; and not to worry because it is a part of the learning process and this is what will put you above your peers.

Good luck on your entrepreneurial journey.