4 ways to tush up your outfit


Have you ever looked at some pictures and wondered how effortlessly some ladies manage to look good all the time? From their perfectly-pedicure toes, to their attractive look, they look presentable and stunning without having to try so hard. Well ladies, it’s not a big deal so marvel not. All it takes is a little mixing and matching and paying little attention to details. So, without sweating, we present to you 4 ways to transform your outfit.

Statement accessories:
Nothing transforms an outfit faster than a beautiful accessory especially neck pieces. They add to your outfit that breath taking look you are looking for, transforming a plain old t-shirt top to a very pretty top. Remember that the key to a great outfit lies in understanding the art of mixing and matching. Learn to create a whole
new outfit out of your old one make sure you add some touches to your look.

Red Lips:
There’s a reason why most women cannot do without wearing a red lip stick. That’s because nothing makes a statement louder than red lips. It’s says: I’m a sexy, confident and fearless woman. In recent times, the red lip has made a re-appearance on the fashion scene. However, the key to rocking the red lips lies in finding the right shade to suit your skin color. And once you find it, don’t be afraid to let out your inner goddess.

 Much like the red lips, the heels make a loud and clear statement instantly transforming not just your outfit but also your entire step. So for good measure of confidence, throw on a pair of heels and walk with your heads up feeling like the queen that you are.

Lucky for us all, the sun is blazing these days. So why not shield your eyes and also get your classy look mode on with shades. Again, the key is to find the right pair of shades to suit the shape of your face so the whole purpose of getting glammed up does not end up getting defeated.

By Maimuna Bagudu


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