5 top stylish mothers 2017



In the fashion industry, there are women and mothers who set the trend for others to follow. Among the many beautiful mothers, there are some that we cannot just ignore how they carry themselves stylishly and gracefully wherever they go regardless the occasion.  Here are the top 5 who have wowed us every time they “show”.


H.E Haj. Aisha Buhari

She is the beautiful wife of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and unarguably one of the simplest first ladies the country has ever produced. Aisha Buhari is a woman of style, known for her preference for high class but simple fashion accessories. In her forties, Aisha’s style is modern and fresh.  Even though her mode of dressing is conservative and stays true to her religious beliefs, she likes to keep up with the latest fashion. People find her style attractive because she does a good mix of traditional and western fashion.  Without overstepping the bounds of acceptable dressing, she loves heavily embroidered fabrics, costly accessories that include diamonds and other precious metals. She leaves an indelible impression wherever she goes.  And that is why she is the first on the list of 5 top stylish mothers of 2017.







Haj. Faiza Baba Ahmed

Another mother on the list is Haj. Faiza, the wife to the former deputy governor of Jigawa State. During her daughter’s wedding in Kaduna and Jigawa States, the fashionable mother proved that even at her age, she can be a showstopper. She stylishly and gracefully rocked her iro and buba with class. Not forgetting the gold accessories that added shine and royalty to the overall look.






Haj.  Jamila Musa Jalo

Mrs Jamila is a woman of beauty and boldness. Her simple fashion sense and elegance oozes all around her and one can’t help but to admire how beautiful she looked though she is married women with children.








Mrs Pariya

She is what can be described as ‘beauty and fashion never gets old’. Her beauty and sense of style for iro and buba with a lovely makeup will be a thing of envy to many young ladies.

Haj. Fatima Allamin Kam-Salem

She took simplicity to another level with her appearance. The Shuwa Arabs are beautiful women; hence the reason why even with her simple but yet classy fashion sense we couldn’t ignore her on this list. 





By Pupwaya Timothy Dibal



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