8 chicky steps to having a good fashion sense



I am not an expert when it comes to dressing, but I believe there are some basic rules must be respected. Dressing well is very necessary because there is a saying that goes ‘’the way you are dressed so you are addressed’’. It is my belief that no one wants to be looked down upon just because he/she is not properly dressed, therefore here are some tips for you….

1. It doesn’t have to be expensive: being well dressed doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive; yes a lot of us get it all wrong thinking you have to put on designers to look all dressed up. No, there are a few wardrobe essentials that you might need to invest in for the long haul. But apart from those, you can buy anything from
anywhere as long as it looks good on you. The price tag does not matter at all.

2. Sort out: before you revamp your wardrobe, you need to throw out anything and everything that you haven’t used in the past 1 year. Chances are, you might not wear them again, ever, unless they are the
expensive ones for important occasions.

3. Knowing your size: from your undergarments to your shoes, you need to figure out what is your size. If you wear clothes larger than your size it will make you look frumpy and wearing smaller clothes will make you look tacky. Take note of that.

4. Colors: there are certain colors that go with every skin tone. There are some that don’t, make sure you try various colors on in different brands and stores. You don’t have to buy them. Get an opinion from your family, friends, and colleagues as well. Stay away from colors that are unflattering to your body and skin type.

5. Knowing your body shape: this is very important for many of us do not know the type of body shape we have, not all clothes, style and fabric fits all body shape. There are lots of body shapes and sizes to describe your body. We have the apple shape, pear shape, or rectangle. Check online or better still ask a stylist at a retail outlet for your
body shape. Sometimes you might not fall under any category and it is perfectly fine but make sure you know what fits and looks good on you.

6. Comfort: always wear what you are comfortable with; never wear anything that makes you uncomfortable for more than 15mins. Looking fashionable doesn’t have to be painful. Make sure you stick to your comfort zone and style.

7. Trying different styles: you will never know what you look good on you if you don’t try. Try out something and everything until you figure things out. The more you experiment in the trial room, the sharper your fashion sense becomes.

8. Right timing: this is something most people ignore when it comes to dressing. Wearing a sweater during the heat period just because it looks good on you will make you look like a clown. It is important that you dress according to the occasion and make sure not to be over or under dressed.