A Flattering ‘’Gele’’ for all Ceremonies

A Flattering ‘’Gele’’ for all Ceremonies

A Flattering ‘’Gele’’ for all Ceremonies

A Flattering ‘’Gele’’ for all Ceremonies

Over the years and in most wedding ceremonies in Nigeria today, the attire of the women is always accompanied by her hair gear. Head gear or head wear, according to Wikipedia, is the name given to any element of clothing which is won on one’s head. There are so many different types of headwear. But the one I am talking about here is the ‘’Gele’’ which is well known in Nigeria. (That is the type you see among the Aso-Ebi girls, and the brides in most cases.) The Nigerian traditional head gear is worn in many different occasions today. It is the Gele that completes the fashion for the brides, the Aso-Ebi girls and the female guests in most traditional wedding ceremonies.

The ‘’Gele’’ is referred to as ‘’the inseparable fashion accessory of the African woman and worn for especially an elaborate event. In most weddings today, it is rare to find any woman who does not wear an elaborate Gele. The Gele culture is basically known to be part of the Yoruba attire worn for different occasions. It has been worn by Nigerian women for generations. Head wraps generally has been part of Africa’s culture for many years. They come in many different shapes and sizes. You can’t buy a Gele already made. In all cases, you have to tie it yourself or get someone to do it for you if you cannot. Tying Gele has also become a profitable craft much like sewing clothes. There are professionals who are specialized in tying different styles. Some prefer the styles that leave much of the wearer’s hair showing, while others like the Gele that hides all the hair. Whichever is your preference you can always get a good Gele stylist to tie it for you or, better still, do it yourself.

One of the things one should bear in mind when shopping for the traditional wedding outfit or any ceremony is to ensure the texture of the Gele fabric you choose is one that you are skilled enough to manipulate, that is, not too stiff and not too soft. If you are not expert enough at tying a perfect Gele, then you can employ the services of the experts for a small fee.

A lot of people make the mistake of shopping for Gele without really knowing that there are different types with varying styles and textures. Here are the latest and popular fabrics below, which are easy to style into a perfect head-gear.

1. Aso-Oke Gele

2. Embroidered Gele

3. Net- Fabric Gele, which is popularly known as Singele

4. French lace Gele

5. Sego Gele

6. Damask Gele

7. Hayes, Jubilee and Swiss Gele: These are the classic head-scarf brands most loved by our mums and grand mums.

Each fabric comes in its own unique designs, yet looks absolutely beautiful on any woman, making her stand out from the crowd. In all weddings, the Gele goes with the bride’s attire, because this simply completes her look.

The beauty of Gele cannot be compared to anything. Whether you wear a Gele or not, you should appreciate the beauty and elegance that comes with this beautiful piece of the Nigerian culture. To be candid, I think women look far more beautiful with a Gele than hair extension. Well, as a modern woman who wishes to pay tribute to her African heritage while looking beautiful, wearing a Gele can be the perfect option. Today, women of all stations in life can enjoy the head scarf and feel like a Nigerian queen for any occasion.



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