As parents, what has being your most challenging task in raising you children?


Due to modern demands parents feels that family is the most challenging institution so far, no matter how difficult things tends to be needs must be met. However in as much as we try meet those basic demand expected from parents by their kids whatever is the case as parents what’s the most challenging part of being a parent for you? And why
1. Providing.
2. Raising and training.
3. Disciplining.
4. Spending time.
5. Caring.

(Banker) I think spending time with my kids is most challenging part of parenthood for me because I work on a very tight schedule in my office, leaving the house very early in the morning and coming back when is almost bed time and I find them already studying. I even work most Saturdays and sleep all through Sunday once am back from church. This has broken the bond between I my kids because I barely have time for them.

(Civil Servant) providing for my kids is a challenging task for me. As a single parent and aside my monthly salary, I do business to all to make sure I earn enough and provide for their needs. I feel so hurt anytime my kids ask for something that I couldn’t provide.

(Secretary) To me spending time with my kids is the most challenging part of parenthood. Where I work doesn’t give me time to be with my kids, as a secretary in an office where I have a woman as a boss. She doesn’t care what time is it be closing hour or not, what she stated is that I must wait for her go before I leave no matter what time it is. This has been a huge problem for me because am not always there to share some memorable moments of my kids lives with them.

(House Wife) To discipline my children is such a huge tasks for me especially the boys. I get so scared whenever I remember that if proper home training are not given to kids they go wayward so I try to deploy so many means when correcting them and they see me as been wicked to them, this has got me thinking.


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