Baba Go-Slow: is the nick name justified?


It’s been four months since General Muhammadu Buhari(Rtd.) was sworn in as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Can we say that the President is on ice on his campaign promises?
Like every other president, President Muhammadu Buhari who was recently sworn in as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, made some promises during his campaign which he promised to start fulfilling immediately he assumes office. He promised to tackle issues confronting the Nigerian society such as electricity, unemployment, insecurity, corruption and a host of others. It has been four months since his inauguration and some Nigerians are worried that they are yet to witness the change which they voted for. Some have nicknamed him Baba Go-Slow. Can we say President Muhammadu Buhari is on ice on his campaign promises?
Here are what some Nigerians have to say…
Victory Oriakhi: I think he is doing things already especially in the area of curbing corruption. We know they promised so much and also promised to start tackling issues immediately, but the truth is that years of mess cannot be cleared off in just three months. Let us give him enough time to balance. Ultimately we have to believe and pray for this administration to achieve all they have promised Nigerians.
Eromosele Jeffery:
Well, four months is too short a time to judge him. He has relocated the military command to Maiduguri; this shows he means business. He doesn’t look like a magician to me; he has to take his time to correct so many things that have gone wrong. Although I understand that the hope of Nigerians are high due to the extent of campaign promises, but I still insist more time is needed. I believe we will see more actions that will benefit the masses in time to come…. But let’s keep praying for Nigeria.
Emmanuel Chukwuma: Four months is enough time for the President to settle; however, the President needs time. We don’t know how much time, but time is needed to fix things in this country. I want to believe he already has his plans mapped out. But it’s worrisome to so many Nigerians that the President is yet to appoint ministers; we believe he is delaying for a good reason and the names will be worth the delay in the end. Let us give him more time and expect something good to come out of this.
Clement Ifeyinwa: Nigerians want to see change taking place as soon as possible for the reason that they voted for change and nothing more. Although, the President hasn’t completely settled yet so we should give him some more time; but he has to be fast with appointing his ministers so they can start work immediately for change to commence.


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