Wondering about where to go for relaxation after work, or where to go for your break? Or you just decided to roll out, or you want a wonderful sight? Where to go when you are bored? Then, visit any of the Nigeria beaches. Nigeria offers a wide variety of tourist attractions one of which is a beach, ideally to serve as a get away from the daily hassle and stress of life. There are over 30 beaches across different state in Nigeria, only but few ones are mention here.

The Calabar Beach

Calabar beach, situated at the mouth of the river of Calabar, is one of the most sparsely inhabited beaches in Nigeria. This is one of the coolest Nigeria beaches. Calabar which is the capital of (Cross River State) in Nigeria has its own share of tourist attraction; it is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria. With the popular Obudo cattle resort located at the center of the city, the beautiful enchanting calabar beach and several other beautiful sights, the city is fast becoming noticeable and attractive. The beach can be located from the beginning of the Calabar River and the best time to visit is said to be in dry season. The beach is virtually isolated and lends visitors the luxury of privacy in a beautiful setting of the beaten path. Since the beach is flanked by a swamp and can only be reached by boat or canoe, getting there is half the fun and enchanted locale.

Coconut Beach

Coconut Beach is a beautiful beach in the coastal town of Badagry, west of Lagos. The beach is attractively set in an area surrounded by coconut trees. About 20 miles towards the border of Nigeria and the Republic of Benin, Coconut Beach is accessible through the Lagos-Badagry expressway. Visitors will find a friendly and relaxed atmosphere because the beach is pleasant and it provides excellent holiday resort. Visitors who are unaccustomed to the tropical sun are advised to wear hats as it can be warm at mid-day. The beach has lots of coconut trees all over the places.

Akodo Beach

This is the ultra-modern Eko tourist beach resort, designed to open up the tourism and facilitate private sector participation in tourism development. The beach is one of the most visited beaches in Lagos city. The beach is a favorite among tourists to Lagos beaches. Modern facilities and equipment line the beach. Members of all ages enjoy the rides and amusement at the local parks. A swimming beach is also a popular spot along this beach to take a dip in the sea. Chalets are also prevalent at the Akodo Beach.
The ambiance completes the scene for any tourist from the white sand beach and rippling waves that lap the shoreline. Palm trees stand overhead and provide the ultimate relaxation for any beach person.


Bar Beach

This beach is located in Victoria Island; and it is one of the earliest, most popular and most frequented beaches in Lagos city. Well-equipped with modern facilities to make your visit a remarkable one Known for its sand bars, it extends from the west by the institute of oceanography all the way to Eko hotel. Visitors will experience and enjoy the tropical Atlantic breeze from the Bar Beach, which is the part of 


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