Do you think the Federal Government will implement the resolutions made at the national CONFAB?


National Conference recently held was aimed at finding solutions to the key problems afflicting our nation since 1914 to date, issues like Security, State Police, Resource control, Nations Unity where of utmost priority, proceedings and recommendation where drawn but the National Conference has no power to implement these but the federal govt.

I think the best way to implement the resolution of the Confab by the Federal Govt. is to compartmentalize it into different level of implementation at different level of government. In other words if they are good ideas, we believe that there are legal framework with the current system that the Government can implement some of them through the executive powers given to him by the constitution without being influenced.

Implementing the Confab resolution will restore National Unity in the sense that if we try to look into those problems that disrupts our peace and unity of our nation thereby finding a lasting solution to them, just like the issue of Resource Control. It should not be a bone of contention rather the federal govt. should try and initiate the theory of absolute Advantage where each state should produce that produce that which its naturally endowed with instead depending on oil as our major source of income.

I suggest that the federal government should be very careful and delicate in handling some recommendations of the Confab such as the Issue of State Police. Implementing it will be like opening the gate of hell because nobody can manage the outcome of the blunder. Judging from the fact that we practice unitary system of Govt where all power is concentrated at the higher level.


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