Fruits that can cause death in children when eaten together


Fruits contain digestive enzymes, which clean out the residue left from the previously eaten food. Within an hour, the fruits travel through the digestive tract and they should not be eaten with any other food group. Even though fruits are good for overall health, there are some combinations that can be fatal. A lot of studies showed that eating more than two fruits at the same time can cause discomfort in adults, while in infants, it can be fatal. So, if you don’t want to make a terrible mistake, do not feed your child with a combination of the fruits listed below:

Guava and Banana: Acids and gas are produced in the stomach so you feel nauseous and heaviness, plus headache and stomach ache.

Vegetables and fruits: since fruits have more sugar, vegetables cannot be digested properly, so by staying in your stomach, the fruit ferments and produces more toxins, causing various diseases and ailments such as headache, stomach pains, diarrhea and severe infection.

Banana and pudding: the result of this combination creates stomach heaviness in the case of adults, as it slows your mind and increases the production of toxins; but in the case of infants, can be fatal.

Papaya and lemon: this combination makes you develop anemia and problems with your hemoglobin. Avoid it at all costs and please do not risk giving it to your children.

Orange and Carrot: Although this combination is very popular in places where they sell natural juice, intake of both things at once produces heartburn, excess bile reflux and heartburn, as well as damage to the renal system, which is the origin of more serious diseases.

Pineapple and milk: whether milk or yogurt, thanks to the presence of bromelain, it causes the body to become intoxicated. You feel nausea, stomach gas, headache, stomach pain and you may develop an infection or experience diarrhoea. Now, imagine what that might do to babies.

Orange and Milk: This is a very unhealthy combination. Orange makes your stomach unable to process the starches present in the cereal. In addition, the mixture of orange juice and milk in the stomach inhibits digestion, especially in infants.


By: Mercy Kukah