Health Benefits of Coconut Oil during Pregnancy


The benefits of coconut cannot be over emphasized. Coconut oil is very good and is known to treat so many health issues and infections. It is very beneficial during pregnancy because, it provides the nutrients that directly contribute to the growth, development and well-being of the unborn baby. Consuming coconut oil in moderation will ensure that your pregnant body absorbs all the fat-soluble vitamins which in turn help your body and unborn baby derive the maximum nutrients. It is therefore advisable that pregnant women consume coconut oil during pregnancy and after birth for it does not only benefit the mother but the baby as well.

Some of the reasons why coconut oil is important during pregnancy include:

Avoid morning sickness: Coconut oil can help to soothe pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness and nausea.  It helps to reduce heartburn and constipation thereby making it one of the healthiest oils that relieves the stomach and the esophagus.

Ease birth: For many years, coconut oil has being used to ease the discomfort of vaginal dryness. Therefore, in some countries, coconut oil is believed to help ease child birth. Consuming some teaspoon of coconut oil before birth will help to ease delivery.

Prevent stretch marks: Pregnancy can leave you with some very nasty stretch marks all over your belly. Stretch marks occur because of the stretching of the skin and underlying muscles to accommodate the growing baby. This tends to render the skin loose after childbirth, causing all the unsightly stretch marks. Topical application of coconut oil during pregnancy can prevent the formation of stretch marks as the oil moisturizes the skin and improves its elasticity. It is a great natural moisturizer.

Anti-Infection Properties Of Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is good at preventing most fungal, viral and bacterial infections. Just about two tablespoons a day can give you an immunity boost during pregnancy, thereby protecting you and your unborn baby from flu, colds, and other common ailments.

Great Source of Lauric Acid: After breast milk, coconut oil is the next best source of lauric acid. Lauric acid helps with milk production during and after pregnancy so that your baby ends up getting high-quality breast milk that will keep him healthy.

Can Substitute Dairy: All dairy products are filled with goodness. However, not everyone can have them all during pregnancy. Pregnancy can cause some very strange food cravings as well as aversions. Food aversion to dairy products is quite common, and for those who are missing out on milk and other dairy products, coconut oil can be a great alternative with almost the same qualities.

Helpful in overcoming post-natal complications:  Coconut oil is a perfect natural solution for all pre and post-natal complications. The oil has a very soothing effect on your stomach and contributes to reducing the acid reflux. Pregnancy may also give you some sleepless, tiring nights. You can use coconut oil as an eye cream to lessen the visibility of those unsightly dark circles.

Substitute for dairy: The oil is good to substitute for dairy in pregnancy. Consuming the oil will bring enough vitamins and minerals needed for the fetus; the same health benefits as homemade rice milk which is a good source of calcium.

Crack nipples: The oil is good in preventing cracked nipples. Rub some coconut oil onto areas of the cracked nipples and around the breast. It can soothing the sore and cleanses the breast area.

Massage oil: Coconut oil also makes brilliant massage oil during and after pregnancy for both mother and child. The nutrients in coconut oil penetrate through your baby’s skin helping them to develop strong muscles and bones. Just make sure to choose the original oil.


By Mercy Kukah


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