Health Benefits Of Papaya Seeds




Papaya fruit is known for its sweet taste, health benefits and nutrition. Have you ever tried to know the health benefits of its seeds? Yes the seed! Papaya seeds are edible and highly beneficial to the human body.

Papaya seeds can be consumed moderately, they relieve menstrual pain, help in weight management and have anti-cancer properties. Next time you buy papaya, don’t throw away its seeds.

Papaya seeds are black, shiny and rough when the shiny skin is removed. They’re rich in protein, fat and fibre; papaya seeds contain vitamins and minerals which are: magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and zinc. They’re also rich in fatty acids known as Oleic acid, papaya seeds contain powerful antioxidants, flavonoids and polyphenols.

Papaya Seeds Health Benefits

● Papaya seeds have powerful antioxidant that protects the body from damage by free radicals and it protects the human body from certain diseases.

● Papaya seeds lowers cholesterol level because of the fatty acids in it. They drastically regulate cholesterol level by eradicating bad cholesterol from the body.

● Papaya seeds help in weight loss because its rich in fibre. They prevent the body from absorbing fat thus help in preventing obesity.

● Papaya seeds help with bowel movement. It removes toxins from the body and highly helpful in person’ with constipation.

How To Use Papaya Seeds

Eat half a teaspoon daily; it can be added in our smoothies (though its a bit bitter).

Note: Excess consumption can cause diarrhoea. Papaya seeds can be air-dry and make its powder; it can also be refrigerated.


By Safrat Gani