Hello Crushers! It’s the first Monday in the month of June and also a promising week (INSHA ALLAH) and today, we are crushing on a comedian in the person of Obinna Simon populary known as MC-Tagwaye.

MC-Tagwaye hails from Anambra state, but was born and brought up in Katsina state, this explains his fluency in the Hausa language.

This handsome young man, who is a twin, is a well known comedian who mimic’s President Muhammadu Buhari.

MC-Tagwaye was a class-room teacher who taught Biology, Applied Sciences, Agriculture and anything related to sciences for about seven years.

Tagwaye also worked with a company from where he decided to diversify. He chose ‘Tagwaye’ as his stage name because he is a twin and Tagwaye in Hausa means twins.

MC-Tagwaye’s ability to mimic the president has gained him fame and loyal fans across Nigeria. His love for the media has made him feature in lots of activities carried out in Nigeria and other parts of the country.

MC-Tagwaye works with Vision FM, Katsina and Farin Wata TV. To tell you how talented and how good this young man is at what he does, MC-Tagwaye need not be prepared before hitting the stage; he just wears his costumes and goes on stage to do what he knows how to do best (making people laugh, of course).

In order to portray and protect the good character and image of Mr. President (Muhammadu Buhari), there are certain places you would never catch MC-Tagwaye. Places like clubs, social gatherings and eateries (interesting, right?).

MC-Tagwaye is taking the internet by storm as he amuses thousands with his stunningly similar looks, talk and gestures like that of President Muhammadu Buhari. People often say he is the 40 year old son of the President. What a great talent, I must commend!