Sadly, we live in a world where we’re taught to constantly compare ourselves. Social media has inspired a world of comparison.  it can be pretty easy to feel like you’re not enough.

You’re the Most Important Person You Have

Life is a roller coaster. It brings ups, it brings downs. There will be breakups and heartbreaks, losses and disappointments. At times, it’s going to be really tough. Of course, we are all lucky to have family and friends to support us through the hard times. However, the main person who’s going to be going through all of these things with you is you! You are the most important person you have in your life. You are who you see in the mirror when you wake up. You are who you talk to inside your head. You are who you make decisions with, and you is who you will always be. It’s no use if you don’t like you very much, huh?

 YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY;  Believe it or not, you deserve to be happy.Regardless of your age, your dress size or your shoe size, you DESERVE to be happy. True happiness comes from within. When you learn to love and accept yourself, you’ll be greeted with a happiness unlike anything you’ve ever known—and that’s exactly what you deserve. Don’t deny yourself happiness by worrying that your thighs jiggle or you have a belly roll when you sit down. It doesn’t make you less of a person. It makes you human.

LIFE IS FOR LIVING;  We only get one life to live so it’s really important we live it right. If you spend your life worrying and thinking that you’re not good enough, not pretty enough or not thin enough, will you ever truly be happy?

The whole point of life is to live it—so do it! Exercise if you want to, eat that pizza if you want to. Quit your job if you hate it, dump that guy if the sex is bad. It’s YOUR life so make the most of it.

YOU ARE WORTH IT; Human beings come in all different shapes and sizes. There’s a saying that says ‘you can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the whole world, and there will  always be someone who doesn’t like peaches’.You ARE worth it. You are worthy of love, respect and acceptance so why not start getting those things from yourself? Once you start to realise you are worth it, you’ll understand why everyone you love thinks so too. Girl, you’re fabulous. You are incredible. You are one of a kind. Now don’t just let us tell you—tell YOURSELF. Start loving yourself today and we promise your life will change forever.