Should Nigeria have stayed longer under Colonial rule?


Nigeria,after 54 years of self-rule, is still battling with socio economic and political problems.At 54 Nigeria is still classified as a developing nation when we should have been long developed. When compared to South Africa that had a much longer British rule, it would appear that the independence of Nigeria came a little too prematurely;considering that South Africa, which was also ruled by Britain is classified as a developed economy, whereas, Nigeria continues to lag behind.
In the days of our colonial masters, Nigeria hadan efficient public transport system including railway service, buses and water buses.The electricity problem was not as bad as it is now. All these considered, would you say it would have been better for the colonial masters to stay much longer? What is your opinion?
A: The British were not here for our benefit but to loot and exploit the wealth of Africa, and we are still suffering from what they did. What they never told us about Capitalism is that some people have to be poor at the detriment of the others; that is why we will always remain in debt as a nation to them. We are suffering from modern slavery which is mental slavery where most people believe that it’s only the whites that can do it better. We have to erase such mentality so as to move forward as a nation with great vision.

B: All the good stuff the British did in our country was for their benefit and to our disadvantage because Colonialism is and always will be exploitation. They destroyed our traditional system of law and order, made it look informal so that they can control us and that is why there is no law and order in Africa. They committed so many genocides for the land and control. They did well by bringing education, but that is not enough reason for us to be brainwashed by them, believing or rather regretting ever letting them go. They did us more harm than good.

C: Even in our midst of suffering, gaining our independence as early as 1960 should be of no regret. The reason why Nigeria is suffering today is because we are “one Nigeria’’. To me, I feel we are not supposed to be one nation, rather an imaginary territory gathering different African nations such as Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba and other minority groups. Our colonial master came and amalgamated us into one nation called Nigeria to make us fight over resources that could have been traded peacefully among ourselves as African brothers, if we were all independent as different countries. At the same time, these resources are only beneficial to few elites who go back to share the wealth with our colonial masters.

D: I think if the British had left in the 1980s or even 1990s Nigeria would have been more developed than now. There would have been more infrastructural development in Nigeria; not the dilapidated system we have now. Lagos would have looked like Pretoria in South Africa or Johannesburg. The rate of unemployment wouldn’t have been as high as it is now, likewise the crime rate.Our electricity problem would never have occurred.Above all, our status in the international community and foreign policy would have been an envious one.

E: These entire infrastructure we enjoy now, were they not inherited from our colonial masters?Then imagine what we would have gained if they had stayed longer. They would have imparted more discipline in our citizens, groomed and handed over to better leaders. Before the independence, Nigeria had efficient and reliable train, electricity and water system. Sanitation was given a major priority and sanitary inspectors were feared and respected more than our now EFCC. But let us stop pointing accusing fingers and take responsibility for our actions.

Anchored by: Okoye Chizzy


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