Smart Dressing for Your Body Figure

Smart Dressing for Your Body Figure

Smart Dressing for Your Body Figure

Smart Dressing for Your Body Figure

We are all familiar with the phrase that says, “Looking good is good business.” As a matter of fact this is so true. Well it is important to look neat and presentable by dressing up the right way. Sometimes, little details such as the hairstyle, belts, shoes and accessories are often ignored, resulting in shabby dressing. Power dressing is the key to look elegant. With all the attire in place, many fail to give importance to the shoes they wear as well. Dressing up in style but not smelling good can make nonsense of all the efforts invested in stylish dressing. It is important to smell good as well, because sweat and dust can make you feel tired and lost in a crowd. Use a good deodorant and spray on some mild perfume to keep you smelling good all through the day. Many times, all it takes is to spend some time evaluating your wardrobe, to make the best use of the clothes lying in your closets. Accessories can also make a dull dress look chic and can give you a makeover on a boring day. It is advisable to wear a bright necklace on a light top and vice versa to give a good focal point near your face. But if you are having problems finding the right combination, here are ways you can incredibly dress smart for your preferred occasion:


1. Wear well-fitted clothes – a top that is too big will only make you look bigger and sloppier, and clothes that are too tight will also make you look larger. 2. Dress well inside – a well-fitted bra and shape-wear will camouflage all your problem areas and is your wardrobe and confidence staple. If your bra does not fit properly, it can make you look terrible. Since most hourglass figures are well-endowed, a well-fitted bra is a must have for you. 3. Show off your waist – Celebrate, accentuate and exaggerate that great waist. A small waist is considered the very symbol of sensuality, so don’t hesitate to show off your small waist. Drawing attention to your waist with a belt or a top with a fitted waist will accentuate this great asset.

4. Darker Bottom and Lighter top – Wear a darker bottom and lighter coloured top to           emphasize your waistline and to minimize your curves. 5. Wear short fitted jackets – Shorter, fitted jackets will flatter your legs and waist. 6. Buy well-fitted sheaths – sheath dresses often come with a deep V-neckline. It usually  has a defined waist and a figure-hugging silhouette and is often in a lightweight fabric, such as silk or cotton. They flatter curvy figures and look great. Even wrap dresses go well with curvy figures. 7. Choose pencil or slightly A-line skirts – pencil skirt will show the ratio between your waist and hip measurement, giving you a sexy silhouette. Straight styles and certain A-line skirts could also be right for you, as long as they are fitted around the waist and hips. 8. Refuse to buy hipster skirts and trousers, look for high-waist styles – Apart from this, avoid ruffles and pleats as these will add bulk. Go for a streamlined shape to show off your slinky silhouette. 9. Belt whenever you can – A dress or a shirt with a belt will cinch you in accentuating your small waist.

10. Shape wear – Never underestimate the impact of body-shaping lingerie. It can hold you up and in, strategically reduce or enhance your curve of choice and would hide all your bumps and lumps.

11. Wear V-neck or scoop neckline – These necklines slim the neck and chest and will lengthen your neck and make you appear smaller and slimmer. They will flatter your figure.

12. Boot cut jeans, pants with flared bottoms are for you – pants that fit properly will make you look slimmer, so don’t try to hide those curves with loose pants jeans. Instead pick well-fitted pants with flared bottoms or in boot cut style. They will balance your generous bottom and make you look slimmer. Avoid bottoms that are tapered and get narrower towards your ankles as they can make your bottom look large. If you want to wear the skinny jeans trend, go for slim fit instead. They are not very tapered and yet slim enough. Team them with some high heels to add height that would slim you down. .




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