The Job of Parents: When does it End?


How much do your parents owe you? Be honest about what they have already done/provided for you;
• food
• clothing
• shelter
• education
• assets
A young man who came from nothing worked his fingers to the bone until he had something to his name. He decided to get married, had his first child, his fourth and last child at 40. He worked even harder, promising his wife and himself that his children would never have to suffer for bread the way he did. He sent his children to the best schools and gave them the best life money could buy. At 62, he had to retire. He does not have much left. He is tired, and just wants to live the rest of his life in serenity and relative comfort. Then, their oldest child demands a lump sum from them to start yet another business. A sum that is equivalent to what he and his wife would need for their vacation trip.
At what point would parents consider their job of providing for their kids done?
Charles Obiecheta:
Personally, I think if parents train their children from nursery to university level while providing the basic needs of life, and never for one day in all those years did you ever lack “basic” needs, then the parents have done more than enough. If the parents go ahead because they have lots of cash to further your education for you, then that is a privilege and not in any sense a right. My point is that once you are trained up to university level, then you should be able to take responsibility in life and fend for yourself with the skills you have attained and your parents owe you nothing afterwards.
Dalton Chuks:
I think, starting from the bottom, in regards to the lump sum request from the fruit of my womb, it only reflects the decision that every parent should open an account and save up funds for each of their offspring for future use. Currently, my son has an account by his grandfather and his dad; and another opened by me and financed by my mum and me. This is separate from the account opened by his dad for him too. In my family and my husband’s family, all the children’s education is financed to masters level, or PHD level depending on the child’s choice, but masters’ level there is no compromise.


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