Love has a way of making even the smartest person do stupid things. Ya’ll know what am talking about; so no matter how madly in love you are there should be a limit to the silly things you do because there is a limit to which one can be excused for doing in the name of love.

So while it is OK to fall over heels in love sometimes, isn’t it better to be a little more cautions and careful so as to avoid the unnecessary mistakes and trauma that emanates from them.
You may ask, how does one fall in love without being reckless? A clear answer is to advise you to stop falling head over heels in love, and instead; enter into relationships with your brains and your heart. Trust me when I say it’s not that easy.

As the first paragraph of this article reads, love makes people do some dumb things. But as true as that might be, you can still put a rein on that love-influenced stupidity and the three steps below will
assist you do so.

  1. First of all, take your time: you can’t fall in love with everyone who smiles at you or tells you some sweet words. It takes a while to get an idea of who someone is, let alone actually knowing them thoroughly. Why not take your time to look well before you leap into that romance? You don’t rush heedlessly into these things. There’s a saying that goes ‘’ if you rush into it, you’ll rush out’’.
  2. Always ask questions: if there are things you are not so sure about, ask him or her. This is very important in a relationship. Don’t be carried away by their flattery or fluttering eye lashes. It is
    better to learn of their habits before you enter into relationship than when you are in it. If you know people who can give honest and well-balanced opinions about them, don’t hesitate to ask.
  3. Don’t discredit the things you hear: not everyone is out to ruin the good thing you have, and not everyone is a hater; so be careful before discrediting the things people say about your partner. You know what they say, ‘’ there is no smoke without fire’’.  So maybe it’ll help to pay some attention to the things you hear about your partner.




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