First dates are really exciting for anyone but at the same time first date can turn into perfect storm and be easily screwed up by saying or doing the wrong things. So if you want them to say ‘aww’ instead of ’ugh’

Here are some tips on things you definitely shouldn’t say or do on a first date

1. “MY LAST RELATIONSHIP WAS THE WORST” :This type of conversation prevents you from enjoying this date, it makes you look immature and selfish because you’re talking non-stop about you.

2. “I STILL LOVE MY EX” : oops! what are you doing on a date? Yeah, you might think you’re been honest but I bet you, it simply says you are not ready to move on or for a new relationship .take your time to get over your ex before you can ask for a date or agree to go on a date.

3. “I WANT TO GET MARRIED”: NOO…….. common it’s a first date! It doesn’t matter how comfortable you are around this person, it’s never a good idea to tell them such a person secret .Give your date time to prove how trust worthy they are , keep your conversation light ,do not disclose everything about yourself

4. “LIFE REALLY ISN’T WORKING OUT FOR ME”: Truth is nobody want to hear your troubles it’s too early, it’s discouraging and can easily put someone off. If you don’t have a lot of money need a job or something else is disappointing you in your life its okay, if they like you genuinely they won’t care either.

5. “DON’T BE LATE”: punctuality is always important especially on your first date, it say a lot about you but if you show up late on a first date it also sends a message.

6. ”DO NOT LOOK SLOPPY”: If you show up looking like a mess, it just says you don’t care about how you look and also you don’t care about the outcome of the meeting. Always remember that first impression matters a whole lot here.

7.”YOUR MANNERS”: It’s very important to demonstrate good manners; you don’t have to be so up tight and concerned about every little move just be mindful of your behaviour and even gestures on a first date.

8. “ARGUMENT”: It’s OK to be expressive and to air out your opinion on an issue But it’s NOT ok to try to push your date to agree with every single thing you say beside you’re not officially dating yet so you shouldn’t be arguing the whole time, stick to some light and more exciting topics, be polite and respect your dates opinion too.

9. ”DO NOT INVITE YOUR FRIENDS” this is a one on one time and does not involve two or three guest, so do not ruin your date by bringing friends along there will be time for meeting friends.

10.”CELL PHONE USE” This act is one of the most annoying you can do on a date that will make sue you NEVER get another one, so just put away your phone already!



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