Unexpected Things You Were Not Told About Your Newborn


Within the first weeks of life, a newborn baby generally does a few odd and unexpected things.  If you are not prepared for them, it can be a little shocking, to say the least. If you are a new mom, you will want to read this.  It is all about those little oddities you were not told about before giving birth.

Projectile Poop

This is something you probably were not told about, but you will definitely want to be prepared for. Newborn poop is mostly liquid, and if the baby is breastfed, it has a texture similar to mustard seeds.  For this reason, it does not take much for it to go airborne. You will also want to be prepared for when it goes all the way up their back.  Always pack some extra clothing wherever you go.  Even if you think you will only be gone for a short time, do yourself a favour and pack some extra things. Since this is really a natural occurrence, there is no need to be concerned about projectile poop as long as there is no blood in it.

Swollen Breasts & Genitals

Many newborns are born having swollen breasts.  This is due to the pregnancy hormones.  Also, baby girls are often born with swollen labia and baby boys with swollen testes.  Not to worry though, in most cases, the hormones will eventually leave the baby’s body in about a week or so.  However, if you are concerned, you can always mention it to the pediatrician, especially if it’s a baby boy because it could be a condition called hydrocele.

Odd-Shaped Head

Many babies are born with flat spots on their heads.  This occurs as they pass through the mother’s pelvic bone.  Because babies are born with a soft head, flat spots can also develop after birth from lying on their backs too often.  If your baby has developed flat spots after birth, try one of these solutions; either give them more tummy time i.e. (placing the baby on his or her stomach while awake), or hold them a bit more often.  Eventually, the flat spots will go away.  However, if you are concerned, feel free to speak to your pediatrician.

Eye Issues

When babies are born, they lack muscle coordination and this causes them not to have complete control over their eyes.  The eyes may roll around like they are wandering.  Sometimes it may even appear as if they are crossed, but they may not actually be. Look at the baby’s pupils, if they are lined up and moving together, they are fine.  Otherwise, ask your pediatrician to check them.

Cradle Cap

Cradle Cap is a fairly common occurrence with newborns. It is just a dry, crusty skin rash that occurs on baby’s scalp shortly after birth.  It does not usually bother the baby, but you can treat it if you want.  Simply apply some baby oil to the affected areas a few times a week and the flaky, dry patches should disappear within a couple of months.

Blood in diaper

Anytime you find blood in your newborn’s diaper I’m sure you will be inclined to panic, but don’t go there right away.  Sometimes baby girls have some blood come out because of being exposed to the mother’s hormones. As for a baby boy, if he was recently circumcised, the blood may be coming from it.  Make sure to apply Vaseline with each diaper change to lesson his discomfort. Another reason an infant may have blood in their diaper is due to severe diaper rash.  In this case, cleanse the area and use Dustin powder at each diaper change.

Grunting and Groaning

Most infants make some sort of grunting and groaning sounds.  It’s nothing to be worried about; it is due to baby’s nasal passages being small and narrow. There is really nothing to worry about unless baby is having problems breathing, and if this is the case, call the pediatrician right away.


By Mercy Kukah



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