Some Unknown Dangers of Allowing Your Child to Use Mobile Gadgets


Before the evolution of the electronics or mobile gadgets, children were used to engaging themselves in a lot of activities that would add value to their knowledge. Some would even gather around an old man or woman, to tell them a midnight story. But gone are the days when children sought after knowledge; these days, children rather prefer to spend countless hours on their gadgets.  Smart phones, iPad, tablets, computer games and a host of others have taken over everybody’s senses, thereby affecting children too, who now grow to become addicted to their gadgets. Gadgets addiction is known to make children dull in school; they become so dull that they are always punished by their teachers.  Do you as a parent know the hidden dangers of allowing your children get too addicted to using gadgets? Below are reasons why you need to limit the number of gadgets you allow your children access to.

Limited physical activities: Children need a lot of physical activities to be stronger and healthier. If you allow a kid to play only with phone, computer games or tablet all day long, you are not doing the child any good. We can’t deny the importance of computer education, but it should not be at the expense of proper body and brain development. Physical exercise is not only good for building muscles, but also essential for turning the brains on. More physical exercise and less use of electronic devices will help to improve grades, and also reduce behaviour problems. Just as the saying goes, “all works and no play make jack a dull boy”.

Exposure to too much radiation: The problem with using cell phones and cordless phones too much is that the brain is exposed to radiation; this has been linked to cancer. It is advisable that, as a parent, you should limit the way your children use electronic gadgets, including phones.

Lack of sleep: According to studies, kids who play on their tablets or computers just before sleeping take longer to get off to sleep, and they might not sleep well either. Some children are also in the habit of crying once they are told to go and sleep when it’s getting late. But as a parent, do not fall for it; if you spare the rod you spoil the child.

Children will take ages to get their homework done: “I have a child that doesn’t like doing his homework just because of games on his tablet that was given to him by his father,” says Mrs. Chike. “It is always from one drama to the other, and I just had to hide it from him. I always get to give him when they are on holidays,” she further said. Doing their homework might seem like a multi-tasking job for them. As a parent you just have to make the right decision, either to seize that electronic device that is making them to forget about their school work, or you leave it around them and see how they would always bring home poor results, or get punished for not doing their homework.

Their brain development may be at risk: Research has shown that allowing toddlers of two or three years of age to play excessively with mobile gadgets will affect their cognitive development negatively. At this age it is very important that they develop some visual and spatial skills which are essentially for healthy development.

Children may become obese: When a child is just used to sitting at a place, not engaging in some physical activities, all he or she does is just to play on a computer, it will lead to obesity. That child can be playing the game and be eating as well, and when he or she is tired, that’s the exact spot he or she will sleep. It is better for you, as a parent, to limit your child’s use of electronic gadgets, so that he or she will not become obese.

It may affect their vision: It is now becoming more and more common for children to suffer from eye strain after staring at screens for countless hours. This is sometimes knowns as computer vision syndrome. Watch out for dry, red and sore eyes. Sometimes they may experience blurry vision and have problems reading because of too much brightness. The earlier you correct it the better.

These reasons are very important for you, as a parent, to take into heart so as to give your children a better future.


By: Pupwaya Timothy Dibal


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