What are your expectations from the next President of Nigeria?


The polity is getting heat up as various political parties warms up for next year’s general election, the electorate are not left out as they expects so high from the next leader of the country to provide quick and lasting solution to the various problems in the country. Patriotism, morality and selfless serve are important in presidential leadership if it is to be effective and efficacious.
Here are people’s views……
I would say that any presidential aspirant must be God fearing irrespective of his religion and also of good moral values. The nation’s economy is getting worst as well as the polity therefore we need a leader who will put Nigeria first in whatever decision he is making, a leader that will initiate good policies and program that will benefit people at the grass root and the masses as a whole. He should try to change the ideology of an average Nigeria who believes that all political leaders are only there for their selfish desires.
I expect the next president should improve the security by better equipping and proper funding the security agencies we have in the country. If they are well provided for with all the things that they need to carry out their duties, I believe the insecurity nature of the country at the moment will be reduced. He should try to create more jobs so as to divert the minds of the idle youths, if our young youths are engaged in good jobs, they won’t have time for robbery, crimes or even joining any terrorist group.
The next president biggest challenge is overcoming decades of blackouts. Nigerians don’t care how he is going to achieve it. If our power sector is stable that will draw investors to the country and on the long run increase our GDP
There is no economy that you run in modern times with a generator and you expect that economy to survive. There is no economy anywhere in the world that doesn’t have effective power supply.