5 Northern Cities every Nigerian should visit



To most people, the thought of Northern Nigeria conjures images of bomb blast, inhospitable people, terrorist etc. However, this is not entirely true as there are breathe taking places to see in Northern part of Nigeria.

Nigeria with hospitable residents that will make your visit worthwhile. The region boosts of idyllic cascades, plateaus, and alluring architecture to leave you wanting to spend more time there.

One other attribute is the uniqueness of the cultural heritage as can be seen in Bauchi which is the horse racing festival popularly known as Durbar. Enjoy this cultural inclined place in Northern Nigeria.



This one trills me more, when it comes to culture Bauchi state boosts clearly about it especially the Durbar whose main feature is horse racing, coupled with its arts and crafts, and also great production metal works such as pottery, mat weaving, leather works and lots of others. Not also forgetting the great Yankari Game Reserve which have swept many tourist off their feet.

Kaduna, the capital of Kaduna State is a popular trade center and a major transportation hub in the northern region. Its symbol is the crocodile, called kada in Hausa language. While the city has lost some of its allure, it remains scenic, welcoming, and rife with landmarks and cultural attractions, securing its position on the list of must-go cities up north.


This is also known as the cold city.  Even though Jos has been greatly affected by religious and political crises and other social problems in recent times, it is a city that should be on any Nigerian’s itinerary. There are the numerous sights and sounds, majestic wildlife and excellent food. It’s a city that, despite its recent history, still exudes an intangible charm.


With rejuvenation over the last few years, Minna, capital of Niger State, now receives recognition and travel limelight. A museum city full of monuments and memorials that attract both multi-cultural nationals, it has an eclectic blend of Christian and Islamic traditions which has given birth to a spirited and colorful society.





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