5 style tricks on how to hide your fat tummy


Not everybody is blessed with a flat tummy and must people are very conscious of what they put into their stomachs. Instead of worrying about how you look in clothes, here are five style tricks to help you
hide it all. Fashion is amazing and not only can it be used to enhance, it can also be used to hide. Women have lots of areas that they do not like or do not feel comfortable showing off but thankfully, there is a style to
save everyone. Lots of women struggle with bulging tummies when they wear certain type of clothes. You can be slim everywhere else and still have to deal with a problem tummy. Worry not, because we are here to rescue you with some tips  to help you hide that tummy.
These 5 styles will take you from self-conscious to confident in no time.

1.  Loose Tops

This is probably the first and easiest to remember. I mean, who doesn’t know that tight outfits don’t always flatter our body shapes? Next time, when you go shopping move away from those hugging tops to loose and baggy tops. The material will not be stretched over your body, it will be loose, airy and most importantly, hide all the bits you don’t want to show off.

2. Empire Line
An empire-waist doesn’t suit all types of figures but when it comes to covering a big belly, it works wonders. You can find yourself an empire line mini dress, maxi dress or top and whichever one you choose, you will definitely feel comfortable in them.

3. A -Line Dress
An A-line dress can hide the round tummy perfectly and is perfect for work wear or a formal occasion.

4. Peplum Tops
One of the top styles that you should definitely choose for hiding your tummy fat is the peplum top style. They fit near the bust and also the waist line. They divert the attention away from the tummy and also gives room for the waist to shine.

5. Upper Body Detailing
When ever you pick a top or blouse, take a close look at its detailing. Outfits with details around the upper section of the body can play a huge role in disguising a big tummy. You choose ruffles or heavy embroidery at the neckline, shoulders or even on the whole front section. It adds a bit of glitz to your outfit and distracts eyes from the weakest part of your body.

By Maimuna Bagudu


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