Always keep these five things Near the Stove


Becoming a better cook is all about fine-tuning your habits, whether it’s kicking old, unhelpful habits or forming new, better ones. One big thing that falls into the latter category is what you store near the stove. If you don’t already keep these five things easily accessible from the stove at all times, now is the time to start!

1. Salt Can

This kitchen staple should never be far from the main cooking action, so you can easily reach over and grab a pinch when needed. Still keeping your salt far from your stove? Pour it into a small bowl or container instead. This is not only more convenient; it can also help you become a better cook. The real aim of adding salt to a dish while cooking, is not to make the dish salty, but rather to make it tasty, as well as bring out the other flavours in the food. This trick of science will not work when you make your salt difficult to reach while cooking.

2. Cooking Oil

This should be your most regularly-used, which for many is probably olive oil. Keep it next to the stove in a bottle or a small plate well covered and don’t worry about storing olive oil close to a heat source. You’re likely using it so frequently it won’t have a chance to spoil.



3. Wooden Spoons

Is there any tool more indispensable in the kitchen than wooden spoons? We use them for almost everything, so they have to be easily accessible. Store them in a utensil crock on the countertop next to the stove. As we all know, wooden spoons are used for virtually all kinds of cooking, they are as important as the stove itself.

4. Pot Holders

Whatever you use to grab hot pans, a glove, a bar towel, just make sure it’s always handy. You don’t want to have to rummage through a cupboard when it’s time to take something out of the oven, or lift a hot lid. It is advisable to always put a pot holder close to your stove in case of emergency. Lest you drop a hot pot on your legs, it is said “prevention is better than cure”.

5. Fire Extinguisher

Do you have a fire extinguisher? If not, it’s time to get one in case you have a kitchen on fire. But don’t keep it in the sitting room or just in your car. You should have one in the kitchen, the sitting room as well as another one in your car. Make sure it’s very easily accessible from your stove so you don’t waste any time when there is an emergency in your kitchen. Do not take these five things for granted; always make sure they are easily accessible during cooking.